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Head of Zeus
The Dandy at Dusk
The Dandy at Dusk by Philip Mann

Philip Mann chronicles the relationship of dandyism and the emerging cultural landscape of modernity via portraits of Regency England's Beau Brummel – the first dandy – and six twentieth-century figures: Austrian architect Adolf Loos, the Duke of Windsor, neo-Edwardian courtier Bunny Roger, writer and raconteur Quentin Crisp, French film producer Jean-Pierre Melville, and New German Cinema enfant terrible and inverted dandy Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

He blends memorable anecdotes with acute analysis to explore their style, identity and influence and interweaves their stories with an entertaining history of tailoring and men's fashion. The Dandy at Dusk contextualizes the relationship between dandyism, decadence and modernism, against the background of a century punctuated by global conflict and social upheaval.

Head of Zeus * Current Affairs
05 Oct 2017 * 320pp * £8.99 * 9781786695161
'Philip Mann does for the sartorial arts what Mario Praz has done for interior design, and more. A future classic'
Nicky Haslam, interior designer
'A fascinating study ... a range of tangents make The Dandy at Dusk compelling'
'Erudite, wide-ranging and appropriately elegant'
'A book of judicious discernment'
Review 31
'Without doubt this is a definitive work of acute retrospection'
Quarterly Review
'Beautifully written'
Modernism, Modernity journal

Philip Mann

Philip Mann
Born in Germany, Philip Mann has lived in England since 1988 and has a degree in the History of Art. He has written for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Vogue and has lectured on matters sartorial in Vienna, New York, Bern and London.