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Head of Zeus
Conclave 1559
Conclave 1559: Ippolito d'Este and the Papal Election of 1559 Mary Hollingsworth

Intrigue, double-dealing and conspiracy in the Eternal City.

August 1559. As the long hot Italian summer draws to its close, so does the life of a rigidly orthodox and profoundly unpopular pope. The harshly repressive papacy of Paul IV has seen the establishing of the Roman Inquisition and the Index of Prohibited Books, an unbending refusal to open dialogue with Protestants, and the ghettoization of Rome's Jews. On 5 September 1559, as the great doors of the Vatican's Sala Regia are ceremonially locked, imprisoning for sixteen weeks the forty-seven cardinals who would choose his successor, the future of the Catholic Church – and the whole of Europe – hangs in the balance.

Mary Hollingsworth offers a compelling and sedulously crafted reconstruction of the longest and most taxing of sixteenth-century papal elections – a conclave that was acrimonious and faction-ridden even by the exalted standards of such disputatious gatherings. Its crisscrossing fault lines divided not only moderates from conservatives, but also the adherents of three national 'factions' with mutually incompatible interests. France and Spain were both looking to extend their power in Italy and beyond and had very different ideas of who the new pope should be – as did the Italian cardinals.

Drawing on the detailed account books left by Ippolito d'Este, one of the participating cardinals, Conclave 1559 provides remarkable insights into the daily lives and concerns of the forty-seven men locked up for some four months in the Vatican. Its anatomizing of the repeated voting, relentless bargaining and counter-bargaining, and eventual compromise that brought the conclave to an exhausted close, provide a fascinating snapshot of the high politics of Christian Europe at a crucial crossroads in its history.

Head of Zeus, an Apollo book * Modern History
02 Sep 2021 * 320pp * £9.99 * 9781800244726

'Exceptionally sumptuous ... This vivid history brings to life the vices and virtues of the feuding ruling families of Italy' The Times, on Princes of the Renaissance.

'A chance to visit a glittering, at times rather gory, world that is different and yet dreamily familiar to our own' BBC History Revealed, on Princes of the Renaissance.

'Dense politics relieved by dazzling art' Kirkus, on Princes of the Renaissance.

'This forensic study of the Renaissance banking dynasty conjures up a world of art, literature, philosophy – and brutality' Telegraph, on The Medici.

'Lavishly illustrated, clearly written and meticulously edited'
 TLS, on The Medici
Mary Hollingsworth
Mary Hollingsworth
Mary Hollingsworth is a scholar of the Italian Renaissance and the author of The Medici, which was widely praised on its publication by Head of Zeus in 2017, and Princes of the Renaissance, published in 2021. Her other books include The Cardinal's Hat, The Borgias: History's Most Notorious Dynasty and Patronage in Renaissance Italy: From 1400 to the Early Sixteenth Century.
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