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Head of Zeus
Cixin Liu's The Wandering Earth
Cixin Liu's The Wandering Earth: A Graphic Novel by Cixin Liu, illustrated by Stefano Raffaele
 The Worlds of Cixin Liu, 1

An international collaboration involving 26 writers and illustrators from 14 different countries have transformed 15 of Cixin Liu's – 'China's answer to Arthur C. Clarke' (New Yorker) – award-winning stories into graphic novels.

The Sun is dying. Helium will soon permeate its core, triggering a violent explosion, and its burning-hot diameter will increase until it has consumed everything that stands in its way.

As long as we remain in its path, humanity stands no chance.

Interstellar emigration is the only way out. Reaching a consensus on a destination has been easy: the only viable target is Proxima Centauri. It is the star closest to our own, a mere 4.3 light-years away.

How to reach our new solar system is more difficult. Spaceships stand no chance in open space, and the nearest inhabitable planet lies hundreds of thousands of years away. If humanity leaves Earth behind, our continued existence is impossible. The only way to survive is to find a way to propel Earth out of its orbit. But how?

Praise for Cixin Liu:

'Your next favourite sci-fi novel' Wired

'Immense' Barack Obama

'Unique' George R.R. Martin

'SF in the grand style' Guardian

'Mind-altering and immersive' Daily Mail

'A milestone in Chinese science-fiction' New York Times

'China's answer to Arthur C. Clarke' New Yorker

Winner of the Hugo and Galaxy Awards for Best Novel

Head of Zeus -- an AdAstra Book * Graphic Novels
05 Aug 2021 * 132pp * £9.99 * 9781801100014
'The whole project offers a fascinating insight to a 'new' author, with the graphic novels serving as a gateway drug to a traditionally inaccessible voice in the realm of SFF'
'The graphic novel format enables both ends of the spectrum to be demonstrated wonderfully, with crisp, clear artwork from Stefano Raffaele that fairly glows on the page. Scene-setting panels that break across the top of a double page give voice to fabulous vistas of future cities, scenes of natural disasters, epic sunrises and large-scale technological installations. They are panels that draw in the eye and that you can spend quite some time absorbing ... This is a thoroughly enjoyable and engrossing graphic novel that has whetted my appetite further for the forthcoming editions in the series'
SF Crowsnest
'A unique blend of scientific and philosophical speculation, politics and history, conspiracy theory and cosmology'
George R.R. Martin
'Wildly imaginative, really interesting ... The scope of it was immense'
Barack Obama
'A milestone in Chinese science fiction'
New York Times
'A marvellous mélange of awe-inspiring scientific concepts, clever plotting and quirky yet plausible characters ... Exhilarating, mind-stretching'
'China's answer to Arthur C. Clarke'
The New Yorker
Cixin Liu
Cixin Liu
Cixin Liu is China's #1 SF writer and author of The Three-Body Problem – the first ever translated novel to win a Hugo Award. Prior to becoming a writer, Liu worked as an engineer in a power plant in Yangquan.

Stefano Raffaele

Stefano Raffaele
Stefano Raffaele was born in Milan, Italy, where he still lives now. He began his career working on the Lazarus Ledd series, before moving to the USA where he worked on famous characters including Batman, Conan the Barbarian and X-Men. Since 2007, he has worked in collaboration with writer Christophe Bec, publishing successful titles including Pandemonium, Sarah, Olympus Mons and Under.