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Head of Zeus
Jason by Mark Knowles
 Blades of Bronze, 2

Packed with action, adventure, and intrigue, Jason is a bold and thrilling historical epic steeped in Greek mythology, perfect for fans of Christian Cameron and Madeline Miller.

Jason has fulfilled the mission set him by his uncle, the scheming King Pelias of Iolkos: he and the Argonauts have won the fabled Golden Fleece of Colchis. Jason dreams of glory – of taking his uncle's throne, rightfully his – and, like his warrior shipmates, of home.

But not only Pelias wishes Jason ill. Before the Argonauts can make it back to Iolkos, they must contend with a legion of foes who would see them dead – and allies who are not quite what they seem. Jason and his warriors must outwit the recondite Circe and the spies of mighty Troy, overcome hostile tribes beyond the Danube, and sail the troubled waters of the Archipelagos, where the Sirens wait to snare unwary seafarers.

Yet Jason's perils are only beginning, for he will soon discover that a truer evil lies closer to home. They may have won the prize, but will any of them make it home alive?

Reviewers on Mark Knowles:

'A bold and thrilling voyage that plunges you deep into the world of ancient myth.' Daisy Dunn
'A deeply researched historical epic, brilliantly brought to life.' Adam Lofthouse
'A spectacular triumph!' Sam Taw

Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book * Action & Adventure
11 May 2023 * 496pp * £9.99 * 9781801102742
'A bold and thrilling voyage that plunges you deep into the world of ancient myth with every stroke of Jason's oar. Knowles's storytelling captured my imagination from the very first page. It is wonderfully atmospheric.'
Daisy Dunn

'What a spectacular triumph! Knowles has taken a reassuringly familiar legend and elevated it into a new, realistic and engrossing story. This glorious hero quest is packed with intrigue, adventure, mystery, and beautifully written skirmishes, raising the stakes higher and higher as the crew venture into darker and more treacherous lands.' Sam Taw on Argo.

'A deeply researched historical epic, so brilliantly brought to life I could taste the salt air on my tongue... Epic battles, well rounded characters sailing through a brilliantly described world.' Adam Lofthouse, author of The Centurion's Son, on Argo.

'[Knowles] has teamed his love of learning classics and childhood love of sword-and-sandals epics to accomplish something remarkable.' Boarding Schools' Association.

'Knowles has combined historical realities with sure-footed imagination... Brilliant.'
 Dr Paul Millett, Cambridge University
Mark Knowles
Mark Knowles
Mark Knowles took degrees in Classics and Management Studies at Downing College, Cambridge. After a decade working as a frontline officer and supervisor within the Metropolitan Police Service, he became Head of Classics at a school in Harrogate. He is a particular fan of experimental archaeology and rowed on the reconstructed ancient Athenian trireme Olympias during its last sea trials in Greece in 1994. Follow Mark on @mark77knowles and
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