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Head of Zeus
Forest School For Grown-Ups
Forest School For Grown-Ups: Explore the Wisdom of the Woods by Richard Irvine

Forest Schools need not be just for children. Here is the ultimate guide for how adults can enjoy the benefits of outdoor learning too.

Have you always wanted to know how to start a campfire, forage for (the right) fungi, or know how to tie a good knot? Or would you like to expand your horizons – and lower your stress levels – by building a dry stone wall, fashioning a bow and arrow, or beachcombing for shells?

Forest schools for kids originated in Scandinavia as outdoor, play-based learning groups and, as the benefits of nature play became internationally recognised, quickly became established around the world.

But why should kids have all the fun? Connecting with green spaces, trees and plants can lift our spirits, improve stress and relax our brains – in short, playing outside is good for everyone.

Forest School for Grown Ups shows you can learn new skills and practise forgotten ones from finding your way in the woods to whittling utensils and carving sculptures; from trapping and smoking game to making and using a divining rod, from building a bird box, or insect house, to simply just climbing trees.

Beautifully designed and illustrated, Forest School for Grown Ups provides the perfect resource for anyone wanting to enjoy spending quality time outdoors.

Head of Zeus, an Apollo book * Sport
03 Mar 2022 * 224pp * £9.99 * 9781801107327
'Packed with advice, useful tips and simple step-by-step instructions, all accompanied by superb photographs, this book will prove useful to novices and experienced outdoors-people alike'
Living Woods Magazine, on Wild Days
Richard Irvine
Richard Irvine
Richard Irvine is an experienced outdoor educator, trainer and writer specializing in experiential learning in woodlands. He has a passion for the power of outdoor learning and has a depth of understanding about the subject. He is the author of the award-winning Forest Craft and also Wild Days. He is Associate Lecturer in Outdoor and Adventure at Plymouth Marjon University. In his spare time, Richard can be found whittling, spoon-carving or practising archery at his home in Devon, England.
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