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Head of Zeus
The Wolf Twins by Ewa Jozefkowicz

Luce and Alpha are identical twins. But on the inside, they couldn't be more different. A story about healing through nature and listening to the wildness inside us all...

When Luce and Alpha's parents split up, they move with mum to their grandad's home in the forest. Mum has a new job at a rewilding centre, reintroducing wolves to the wild.

Luce loves the forest where she can stargaze with her telescope. And she can't go back to school and face everyone. Not after What Happened. But Alpha hates the forest and hates dad. All she wants is for life to go back to normal and follow her dream of becoming a basketball star. Things between Luce and Alpha have never felt worse. How can they be so alike and yet so far apart?

When a new wolf cub arrives at the centre, Luce names him Claw and they form a special bond. But Alpha thinks he should roam free, and together with her friends, they plot to release him. When news of Claw's disappearance breaks, the future of the rewilding centre is put at risk and Alpha's relationship with her family – and her twin sister – is shaken like never before.

A warm and empathetic take on the unique twin bond, celebrating what unites us and what makes us different.

Head of Zeus, a Zephyr book * Children’s Fiction
14 Sep 2023 * 256pp * £6.99 * 9781801109215

'A beautifully written and captivating read but it also deals sensitively with important issues such as grief, courage, friendship and finding your voice' Armadillo, on The Dragon in the Bookshop.

'A gorgeous read featuring strong friendship, books, a Polish legend and a dragon. Loved it!' A.M. Howell, author of The Secret of the Treasure Keepers, on The Dragon in the Bookshop.

'A glorious fairytale adventure full of friendship, unlikely heroes and magical Polish folklore. A book-lovers delight!' Eve Wersocki Morris, author of The Bird Singers, on The Dragon in the Bookshop.

'Celebrating the importance of community, family and friends, this is a lovely, warm-hearted story' Week Junior Book of the Week, on The Cooking Club Detectives.

'Paints a convincing picture of a harrowing time in a young life [while] offering ample humour, hope and optimism'
 BookTrust Book of the Month, on The Mystery of the Colour Thief
Ewa Jozefkowicz
Ewa Jozefkowicz
Ewa Jozefkowicz's debut novel The Mystery of the Colour Thief, published by Zephyr in 2018, was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize. Girl 38: Finding a Friend blends contemporary times with WWII Poland. The Key to Finding Jack is about the special bond between siblings. The Cooking Club Detectives tackles the impact of food poverty on children today. And The Dragon in the Bookshop blends Polish folklore with a magical quest. All are published by Zephyr. Ewa lives in London with her husband and twin daughters. Twitter: @EwaJozefkowicz Insta: ewas_bookshelf
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