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Head of Zeus
Target Zero
Target Zero by Anthony Riches
 The Protector, 2

The Protector is back. Mickey Bale must hunt down military-grade warheads in this gripping British thriller from Anthony Riches.

Former close protection officer Mickey Bale has a dangerous skillset. One that many men, good and bad, want to make use of. That's why a powerful oligarch wants to hire Mickey to protect him. And with his wife gone and his track record with the Met in tatters, Mickey doesn't have a choice.

But when a terrorist attack kills a police firearms team, MI5 suspect that Mickey's new client and the Russian GRU are involved. The bomb was a military-grade Sunburn missile warhead. And there are more warheads out there.

Blackmailed by MI5 into spying on the client he was hired to protect, Mickey is pushed to his limits by his new double-agent status. If he doesn't locate the other warheads, thousands of civilians will die – and time is running out...

Reviews for Anthony Riches:

'An utterly compelling read' Manda Scott
'The Bill meets Jack Reacher' The Times
'A full-throttle adventure that twists and turns' Andy McNab

Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book * Thrillers
14 Apr 2022 * 400pp * £14.99 * 9781803281339
'As an all action tough guy he definitely has the chops. Proper hench'
The Times
'Top notch escapism and a great beach read. Riches peppers the plot with detail and procedure that feels authentic and grounded'
Crime Fiction Lover
'A first-rate thriller that zips along at a hell of a pace, with likeable, believable characters, a down-to-earth feel and plenty of authentic details'
Crime Review

'A full-throttle adventure that twists and turns from the corridors of power to London's gangland underbelly, propelled by a hero with a thirst for vengeance and the skillset to execute it' Andy McNab.

'Nemesis kicks like a 12-bore shotgun... A British thriller to rival Reacher' Giles Kristian.

'Meet Mickey Bale – London's John Wick. A rocket-propelled grenade of a book, shot through with gallows humour. Guy Ritchie meets Lee Child' Robyn Young.

'Mickey Bale is a Jack Reacher for a harder, faster, more assured millennium. Nemesis is the kind of book for which the word 'compelling' was coined' Manda Scott.

'Fast-moving... The Bill meets Jack Reacher'
 The Times, Thriller of the Month
Anthony Riches
Anthony Riches
Anthony Riches, coming from a family with an army background, has always been fascinated by military history, psychology and weaponry, which led him to write the Empire series set in ancient Rome. The idea for his first contemporary thriller, Nemesis, came to him while jetlagged at two in the morning in a Brisbane hotel room. He lives in rural Suffolk with his wife, two dogs the size of ponies and a bad-tempered cat. Follow Anthony on @AnthonyRiches
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