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Head of Zeus
The Last Whale
The Last Whale by Chris Vick

From killers to conservationists, Carnegie-shortlisted Chris Vick tells the story of three generations of the Kristensen family, their history as whale hunters and later their mission to save the great whales and our planet.

Summer, the Present
Fiery and fierce, computer geek and eco-activist, Abi is holidaying with her grandmother on an island off the Norwegian coast. Having developed and befriended an AI device, Moonlight, she hopes to organise a global protest. On the island, she learns her great-grandfather rejected the family's whaling livelihood, instead creating the first whale song recording. Inspired by him, Abi and Moonlight translate the whales' songs and discover their stories. Whales are under threat, their numbers rapidly dwindling. Abi is determined to help.

Autumn, 30 years later
The world's ecosystems are collapsing. There is no sight or sound of whales. Abi, her daughter, Tonje, and a now almost conscious Moonlight live on an isolated island in the Atlantic. They search for any sign of whales, but so far there is only silence.

Winter, the Future
Tonje's search was not in vain. Despite climate crisis and the threat of extinction, there is always hope for the future, as nature and technology combine in a captivating, action-packed adventure with a powerful environmental call to arms.

Head of Zeus, a Zephyr book * Children’s Fiction
04 Aug 2022 * 320pp * £5.99 * 9781803281599
'A book about climate change that offers hope as well as despair, wrapped in an action-packed adventure. A powerful call to arms'
Editor's Choice, The Bookseller
'The Last Whale filled me with such powerful emotions – it is a poignant tale of our times told with deep respect and knowledge... Chris's writing shines like a beacon of hope'
Jasbinder Bilan, author of Aarti and the Blue Gods
'A wonder of a book. Memorable characters exploring the mysteries of nature and what it is to be human, beautiful writing and a compelling exploration of the climate crisis. Hugely recommended'
Julian Sedgwick, author of Tsunami Girl
'Charged by super plotting, the infectious passion of young eco-campaigners across three generations, and a powerful environmental call to action... A rousing, enchanting triumph'
'An ode to their immense beauty and power and also how one whale is worth thousands of trees in terms of carbon capture'
Hannah Gold, author of The Last Bear, Winner of the Waterstones Children's Prize and the Blue Peter Book Awards 2022
'Wonderful imagery... A thought-provoking piece of Young Adult fiction, with author Chris Vick drawing on his Norwegian heritage and his work with the charity Whale & Dolphin Conservation'
Armadillo Magazine
'Fascinating science underpins this tightly plotted and gripping adventure that reminds us how fragile the ecosystem is'
Daily Mail
'Vick's generation-spanning eco-thriller zooms around up-to-the-minute themes'
Chris Vick
Chris Vick
Chris Vick is a graduate of the Bath Spa MA in Writing for Young People. In between writing and teaching, Chris works for a whale and dolphin conservation charity and is a member of Authors4Oceans. He lives near Bath with his wife and daughter. Girl. Boy. Sea. (Zephyr) was shortlisted for the 2020 CILIP Carnegie Medal. Twitter @chrisvickwrites and Instagram: @chrisvick321
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