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Head of Zeus
Bridget Vanderpuff and the Ghost Train by Martin Stewart, illustrated by David Habben

On the Night of the Hungry Ghosts, a ghost train is seen rattling into town... Bridget Vanderpuff must use her incredible powers of invention and detection to solve the mystery on her second spooky adventure...

Mr Vanderpuff is in trouble – he needs a new creation for the Parade of the Hungry Ghosts, and he's utterly stumped. To make matters worse, there are rumours of a ghost train coming to Belle-on-Sea. Bridget is thrilled – she's never seen a ghost train before.

But when people start going missing, Bridget starts tracking the train's tracks, delighted to be in the thick of another mystery.

Then the unthinkable happens: the ghost train takes Mr Vanderpuff. Someone – or something – is out to destroy Belle-on-Sea. But they've forgotten one important detail... This is Bridget's town.

Bridget must save the missing people from their perilous prisons, rescue the parade, and come up with an idea for Mr Vanderpuff's Hungry Ghosts bake, before it's too late.

Head of Zeus, a Zephyr book * Children’s Fiction
12 Oct 2023 * 250pp * £6.99 * 9781804549100

Martin Stewart

Martin Stewart
Martin Stewart is a prizewinning Scottish author and former secondary school English teacher who likes to eat a lot of cake. Twitter @martinjstewart

David Habben

David Habben
David Habben is an illustrator and fine artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Insta: @habben_illustration