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Head of Zeus
Three Weeks to Say Goodbye by C.J. Box

A powerful thriller from New York Times bestseller C.J. Box, the award-winning creator of Joe Pickett and Big Sky, both now major TV series.

They're so sorry...
They've made a terrible mistake...
There's nothing they can do...
They have to take your daughter away. You have three weeks to say goodbye.

After years of trying for a child, Jack and Melissa McGuane adopted a beautiful baby girl. Nine months later, a call from the adoption agency plunges them into every parent's worst nightmare: the father never signed away his parental rights, and now he wants his daughter back.

The biological father is a sullen eighteen-year-old with gangland connections, and, even worse, is the son of a well-connected federal judge who is prepared to use the full weight of his influence to get what he wants. Together they wage a harrowing campaign of intimidation and harassment aimed at destroying the McGuanes before they can fight back.

Jack and Melissa know that the boy has no love for his daughter, but what they don't know is why he and the judge want the girl so badly. With three weeks until they must legally hand over their baby, just how far outside the law are they prepared to go to find out?

Reviews for Three Weeks to Say Goodbye:

'Full of suspense and menace.' Daily Mirror
'One terrifying little tale... Box doesn't miss a trick in this suspense-filled thriller.' Toronto Globe and Mail

Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book * Thrillers
15 Dec 2022 * 352pp * £4.99 * 9781837931651
'Taut and evocative'
Literary Review
'Full of suspense and menace'
Daily Mirror
'Well-developed suspense'
'C.J. Box hits another high mark in suspense'
Madison County Herald
'Packs the kind of punch few thrillers, or novels of any kind, ever do'
Providence Journal
C.J. Box
C.J. Box
C.J. Box is the author of twenty-two Joe Pickett novels, five stand-alone novels, and a story collection. He has won Edgar, Anthony, Macavity, Gumshoe, and Barry Awards, as well as the French Prix Calibre .38. He has been a Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist, and his books have been translated into twenty-seven languages. A Wyoming native, Box has also worked on a ranch and as a small-town newspaper reporter and editor. He lives outside Cheyenne with his family. Follow him on @cjboxauthor
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