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Head of Zeus
The Witch's Daughter
The Witch's Daughter by Imogen Edwards-Jones

An epic story of love, tragedy and the loss of innocence, set against the background of the Russian Revolution after the murder of Rasputin.

It is 1916 and Rasputin has finally been killed by those who have long feared his influence over Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra. But for Princess Militza, famed as one of the 'Witches of St Petersburg', and her daughter Nadezhda, life is about to become extremely dangerous. Revolution is bubbling and with it will come the murder of the Romanov imperial family. Now the rest of the court is also on the run, fleeing from the mob.

Against this violent and turbulent backdrop, Nadezhda, the witch's daughter, finds in exile and captivity an extraordinary and unlikely love. They say nothing heals like the heart, but as the Red Army marches south and the remnants of the Russian court finds itself trapped in the Crimea, with their backs to the sea, Nadezhda and her beloved Prince Orlov must take the gamble of their lives.

Praise for Imogen Edwards-Jones:
'Sumptuous, sexy and haunting. I adored this novel' Santa Montefiore
'Razor-sharp. A brilliant take on the historical novel' Candace Bushnell
'I couldn't put it down' Claudia Winkleman

Head of Zeus, an Aria book * Historical Fiction
13 Apr 2023 * 496pp * £7.99 * 9781838933319
'Imogen Edwards-Jones’s first novel for Head of Zeus was The Witches of St Petersburg, about the arrival in Russia of the so-called Black Princesses, Militza and Stana, named not only for their ebony hair and eyes, but also for their skills in the dark arts of the occult. Their rise through the Romanov court coincides with that of Rasputin, and the aftermath of his murder opens this second novel. Sumptuous, sexy, violent, depicting a society on the edge, this is fabulous storytelling about a world that destroys itself and a love reborn from the ashes'
Rosie de Courcy, publisher

'Sumptuous, sexy and haunting. I adored this novel' Santa Montefiore.

'With precision and razor-sharp accuracy... A brilliant take on the historical novel' Candace Bushnell.

'Richly imagined... A rip-roaring read' Daisy Goodwin.

'I couldn't put it down'
 Claudia Winkleman
Imogen Edwards-Jones
Imogen Edwards-Jones
Imogen Edwards-Jones studied Russian at Bristol University. Her first book, The Taming of Eagles, was about the first 100 days of the collapse of communism. A writer and journalist, she has travelled extensively within the old Soviet Union, studying in Kiev. She is the author of twenty books including the best-selling Babylon series. Married with two children, Imogen lives in London. She is also a member of the London College of Psychic Studies and an honorary Cossack.
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