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Hayley Reynolds

Friday 20th September 1985


Two Years on and Going Strong!

Hello all, we can’t quite believe that it has been a whole TWO years since we sprung up out of the ground and into the digital stratosphere… and what an amazing two years it has been.

Aria has published over one hundred books and sold more than two million units in this time – quite an achievement, if we do say so ourselves! 

Aria welcomes Lisa Hobman

A passion for writing is something that gripped me from a very young age. But as time went on, the opportunity to put pen to paper became less and less. However, a move from Yorkshire, north of the border to Scotland in 2012 changed all of that. During a visit to the west coast of Scotland, and specifically to the little stone bridge at Clachan Seil, the idea for my debut novel popped in to my head. I told my hubby all about the idea and he encouraged me to give writing a go once again. 

Jill Steeples: 'Write What You Know!' & extract from SUMMER AT THE DOG & DUCK

As a newbie writer, there’s lots of writing tips out there and one little nugget that crops up time and time again is the one that says ‘write what you know.’

Meet Karen Osman

Hello! My name is Karen and I’m from the UK. I have lived the expat life though for almost 20 years across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. I currently live in Dubai and have been here for 13 years.

I have always worked in the writing and communications fields and in 2011, I set up a content writing and communication company called Travel Ink, specializing in the luxury hospitality industry.

Matthew Harffy - Author Spotlight

Matthew Harffy talks revenge, research and rock music...

Purple Fish featuring Matthew Harffy (on vocals) have written the perfect soundtrack for reading this article, Sail On, inspired by The Serpent Sword. Check out more Purple Fish here.

- Tell us about the hero of the Bernicia Chronicles.

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