How did Sarah come to write?!

Walking along the Kennet and Avon canal in high summer 2016 with the sun shining down on my bare shoulders, my thoughts were drawn away from the beauty of the countryside; the waterway teaming with birdlife, insect life, animal life to other matters. I was aware of all these things as I strolled along, but inside, my head and heart were churning. Should I give up the job I had loved for 35 years? Could I leave those with whom I had worked at such short notice? Or indeed, could I continue any longer?


The Girl I Used To Know – Well, Hello UpLit!

It seems like a while, since I’ve dropped into the Aria blog, but it is very, very nice to be back here. I know, that since I’ve been published with Aria, there are a few different questions that I’m regularly asked, but the most recurrent is probably where do you get your ideas?

Rosie Clarke and the Mulberry Lane series!

A little snippet from Rosie Clarke about her upcoming book A Wedding at Mulberry Lane!


A Wedding at Mulberry Lane is due out for Christmas, 1st December. This is the second in my wartime series about the people who live in and around a lane in the East End of London. War has caught up with the residents now and its shadow looms over all their lives.

What Inspired Zoë Folbigg?

What inspired me? Me! 

They say everyone has a book in them, and for me I didn’t have to look far for inspiration, because people kept telling me that the story of how I met my husband sounded like a novel.

Aria welcomes Cynthia Clark!

Cynthia Clark's debut novel If You Only Knew is publishing on 1 October 2017. Read an exlusive blog post from Cynthia below: 

It has always amazed me how life can change in a relatively short period of time. In April 2015, I was lying in bed when I had this idea. I picked up my phone, opened Evernote and typed out a few paragraphs.

One year later I had the initial draft of my first book, an agent and newborn twin girls. 

Meet Dawn Goodwin!

Storytelling is not my full-time occupation. I am also a mother to two beautiful daughters and I run a company with my husband. I’ve lost count how many times someone has asked me how I fit in writing as well, but the advantage of living a full, busy life means that I interact with many different characters and personalities on a daily basis, who then find their way into my stories in some form or another.


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