Your next sneaky little peek...

As a cheer went up, Beth moved, not wanting to be seen. She wasn’t going to spoil a surprise they seemed to have gone to great effort to organise. She headed towards the toilets.

Jane Lacey-Crane at Christmas time!

I love a mince pie. I eat far too many over the festive period and when Christmas is over, I look forward to the time when they appear in the shops again. This is now usually sometime around October, so I have less time to wait but still. So, imagine my dismay when this year, when my trusty favourites – Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Mince Pies – finally hit the shelves, they were sporting the dreaded ‘Brand New Recipe’ sticker! My heart sank. Why had they messed with my beloved pie? What was so wrong with the old recipe? I bought a box and sure enough, the magic was gone.

Soundtrack For Another Day In Winter

The main characters in Another Day In Winter span the age groups, from Tom and Chrissie in their thirties, Shauna and Lulu in their 40s (although Lulu is in denial and swears she’s 35) and George and Flora in their eighties. The music reflects the passing of the decades. Some of these songs are mentioned in the book, others just provide the perfect soundtrack for the tangled strands of love, the laughs and personalities of the characters.

Cast Wish List For Another Day In Winter!

Many of the reviews for Another Day In Winter have mentioned that it would make the perfect Christmas movie. Not that I tend to get carried away and over-optimistic, but I really hope it makes it to the big screen because my pals love a great night out and we’ve never been to a premier. I’ve got a sequined frock that’s just crying out for a night on the town.

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