Christmas is like good karma...

Christmas Magic is Like Good Karma…if you send it out, it will come right back to you!

When I was a child it all began with Santa. He made things happen. He never disappointed me, even when the things I asked for were difficult to find. For instance, as a four-year-old I wanted an old-style school register to go with the desk I hoped he would bring. My Christmas list was never a long one, because that was only a small part of what it meant to us as a family.

Because Mummy Said So...

For almost twenty years, I’ve made a living writing romcoms and raunchy bonkbusters. It’s a glamorous, elegant existence in which I waft around in designer togs being creative, sometimes reclining on a chaise longue with a tray of Turkish Delight until the muse grabs me. That’s when I lift my diamanté-studded fountain pen and scribe a few thousand words with carefree abandon. 

Okay, that’s all lies – apart from the bit about writing romcoms and raunchy bonkbusters. And the Turkish Delight. 

Someone to Love: The Blog Tour

From the 1st-4th October, Kaisha at The Writing Garnet blog hosted a 4 day blog tour for SOMEONE TO LOVE by Lucy Scala

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4th October

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A New York Love Story: The Blog Tour

From the 25th - 30th September, 6 of our fabulous bloggers took part in the A NEW YORK LOVE STORY blog tour.

Here's a round up of all the posts that took place...

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28th September

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