Christmas reads of 2018!

Welcome to Christmas Aria addicts! In case you’re a little overwhelmed with choice for Christmas books this year between all the cinnamon, snowflakes and winter flings, here is a roundup of our FAVOURITE Christmas reads!

This year, we have some recommendations based on the kind of Christmas reads you’re looking for, so sit tight and read on for some festive books!

If you’re looking for new beginnings with a hint of comeuppance…


The Angst of Being a Writer

Many of the people I meet, on hearing I write, tend to say, ‘Wow, that must be great being at home writing all day and seeing the fruit of your labours in print at the end of it?’

They make it all sound so easy when in fact in between those two words  - ‘Great’ and ‘Print’ are ones like, Procrastination, Frustration, Indolence, Despair, Self-Doubt and at times sheer panic.

Why Dawn Goodwin loves Halloween!

I love Halloween. Next to Christmas, it is my favourite time of the year. My heart lifts with every turn of the central heating thermostat because it means I can celebrate the long, chilly evenings by lighting a log fire, throwing on some fluffy socks and reading a good book. Throw in some comfort food and some chocolate and I’m in heaven. Of course, just as clothes and food can be seasonal, so are the books we read.

The scary side of Vendetta!

Hello everybody. I hope you’re enjoying Chiller Thriller week. As it’s Halloween I thought it would be fitting to tell you about the scary characters in my Manchester trilogy and in book three, Vendetta, in particular.

A very Scottish Halloween...

October may have seen us battered by Storm Callum (here in Scotland that means we put on our big coats) but October also heralds one of my favourite festivals of the year. Ghost and ghouls and ghastly goings on (and other words beginning with GH) spell one thing; Halloween.

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