The Angst of Being a Writer

Many of the people I meet, on hearing I write, tend to say, ‘Wow, that must be great being at home writing all day and seeing the fruit of your labours in print at the end of it?’

They make it all sound so easy when in fact in between those two words  - ‘Great’ and ‘Print’ are ones like, Procrastination, Frustration, Indolence, Despair, Self-Doubt and at times sheer panic.

Being a Writer

It was my dream to be a published writer before the age of sixty and I just made it by a few months. I then sold nine Regency romances to Robert Hale and seventeen shorter Regencies to DC Thomson for both of their pocket novels lines. All my books then went into large print with Ulverscroft. I also wrote six books for an online, American, digital publisher called Musa. I had already stopped submitting to them when they ceased trading.

A Christmas last!

I’m so delighted to tell you a little about my new novel, What Happened To Us?  You will have probably already guessed that this is a Christmas read from the lovely spangly cover my publishers have designed for it. It is just gorgeous, isn’t it?

Christmas is like good karma...

Christmas Magic is Like Good Karma…if you send it out, it will come right back to you!

When I was a child it all began with Santa. He made things happen. He never disappointed me, even when the things I asked for were difficult to find. For instance, as a four-year-old I wanted an old-style school register to go with the desk I hoped he would bring. My Christmas list was never a long one, because that was only a small part of what it meant to us as a family.

My Life In Words by Heather Burnside

Hello everyone. I’m thrilled that Aria are republishing my Riverhill trilogy this month, and that they have asked me to write this blog post to give a little more background about my novels.

I am often asked what my writing influences are and am generally expected to name well-known authors. But people are usually surprised to learn that my biggest writing influence by far is life itself, especially considering the gritty and graphic nature of my novels.

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