Top Aria Summer Reads!

Hello Aria addicts, 

I hope you’ve been enjoying the scorching summer weather that we’ve been blessed with in the UK! If you’re lucky enough to be sitting on a beach, or will be soon, I’ve collated some of Aria’s top summer reads that will bring laughter, tears and smiles to your sunbathing sessions. 

And if you don’t get to sit on a beach anytime soon or the weather inevitably turns back to British Grey, I hope that these books can bring a little bit of sunshine and fun back to your rainy days… 

After The Note, some Distance

After The Note, some Distance

How do you write a new book when you think you only have one idea?

Hi. I’m Zoë. And I’m a one-trick pony. Or that’s what I spent too much time worrying about.
I’m the (sober) girl on the train who fell in love with a man from afar on her daily commute, pined for him for over a year, wished I had the courage to talk to him but didn’t, wrote him a note, got rejected, got together, got married, had kids, and then wrote The Note – a novel based on my story.

Georgie Capron on The Distance Between Us

My third book, The Distance Between Us, is an honest exploration of marriage and motherhood.  It delves into the intricacies of being in a long-term relationship, both the highs and the lows, the joy and privilege of knowing someone inside and out, balanced with the humdrum of everyday life that is the reality of marriage and co-parenting.  The school run, the laundry, the housework, the endless juggling, the temper tantrums, the sick bugs, the bickering, the family celebrations, the outings, the cuddles, the bedtime stories: the true fabric of family life.

Two Years on and Going Strong!

Hello all, we can’t quite believe that it has been a whole TWO years since we sprung up out of the ground and into the digital stratosphere… and what an amazing two years it has been.

Aria has published over one hundred books and sold more than two million units in this time – quite an achievement, if we do say so ourselves! 

Introducing Lucy Coleman!

We’re all unique and every single one of us has a different life story!

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