Why Dawn Goodwin loves Halloween!

I love Halloween. Next to Christmas, it is my favourite time of the year. My heart lifts with every turn of the central heating thermostat because it means I can celebrate the long, chilly evenings by lighting a log fire, throwing on some fluffy socks and reading a good book. Throw in some comfort food and some chocolate and I’m in heaven. Of course, just as clothes and food can be seasonal, so are the books we read.

Rosie Clarke on her childhood memories...

Whenever I start to think of Christmas I remember what it was like to be a child after the war. Although very young, I know that presents were not often very much and must have been difficult to find. When my mother found some large composite dolls for my sister and I one year, it was very exciting.  They were dressed in knitted clothes and sat on our beds when we woke up.

My Life In Words by Heather Burnside

Hello everyone. I’m thrilled that Aria are republishing my Riverhill trilogy this month, and that they have asked me to write this blog post to give a little more background about my novels.

I am often asked what my writing influences are and am generally expected to name well-known authors. But people are usually surprised to learn that my biggest writing influence by far is life itself, especially considering the gritty and graphic nature of my novels.

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