Aria welcomes Carys Jones

We are so excited at Aria HQ to welcome Carys Jones! WRONG NUMBER is a psychological thriller that will have you hooked to the very end.

Recently I signed a four book deal with Aria. And I’m so thrilled and excited but now comes the scary part – introducing myself to all the Aria Addicts out there. I’m used to hiding behind my books. Like a lot of other writers I can be painfully shy but here goes…

Coco Chanel Saved My Life - Sneak Peek

The passengers on the hot and crowded subway car, who saw me rushing in on my five inch heels just as the doors closed behind me, couldn’t imagine that they were looking at the happiest woman in the world.

My move to Milan had been approved by my company, I had just signed a lease for a charming apartment and I was going to announce to the man I loved that I would be living in the same town as him.

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