A Christmas story...at last!

I’m so delighted to tell you a little about my new novel, What Happened To Us?  You will have probably already guessed that this is a Christmas read from the lovely spangly cover my publishers have designed for it. It is just gorgeous, isn’t it?

The Secrets of a Writer - Faith Hogan

The Secrets of a Real Writer…

Okay, so what’s the difference between a writer and a real writer? I’ve always maintained that if you write, every day and produce something that gives you or others entertainment or pleasure, then you are a writer. It’s an unspeakable force that lies within you and either you have it or you don’t. I don’t think there’s any measure of success that makes you more of a writer.

Storytelling – who we are...

Ireland is called the land of Saints and Scholars – well, I’m not an expert on the Saints part, but certainly, we’ve had our fair share of bards, poets and wordsmiths.  For us, the storytelling tradition is very strong. The best parties are marked by the stories told at them as much as the stories told afterwards. 

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