Georgie Capron on The Distance Between Us

My third book, The Distance Between Us, is an honest exploration of marriage and motherhood.  It delves into the intricacies of being in a long-term relationship, both the highs and the lows, the joy and privilege of knowing someone inside and out, balanced with the humdrum of everyday life that is the reality of marriage and co-parenting.  The school run, the laundry, the housework, the endless juggling, the temper tantrums, the sick bugs, the bickering, the family celebrations, the outings, the cuddles, the bedtime stories: the true fabric of family life.

Aria welcomes Georgie Capron

I was unsure how to start this blog post (it being my first) when it occurred to me that the title of my debut novel Just the Two of Us is precisely how it all began… just a writer (well, more accurately, just a teacher) and an idea.  This idea slowly grew before emerging into a manuscript, almost of its own accord.  And suddenly I find myself the extremely proud (if somewhat surprised) author of a real book! And in the incredibly lucky position of having a three-book deal with a top British publisher.  

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