Matthew Harffy introduces Warrior of Woden

Seventh century Britain was a time of great conflict and turmoil. Peoples and religions clashed, vying for supremacy over the kingdoms and fertile lands of the island also known as Albion. This dark age is the time of the Bernicia Chronicles, a series of action-packed thrillers that centre on the character of Beobrand, a young man who is thrust into battle, discovers he is a natural warrior and eventually enters the service of the lords and kings of Britain’s distant past. 

Matthew Harffy - Author Spotlight

Matthew Harffy talks revenge, research and rock music...

Purple Fish featuring Matthew Harffy (on vocals) have written the perfect soundtrack for reading this article, Sail On, inspired by The Serpent Sword. Check out more Purple Fish here.

- Tell us about the hero of the Bernicia Chronicles.

Matthew Harffy's September Newsletter

Well summer is at a close, and despite the unseasonable heat here in the south west of England, the days are growing noticeably shorter and soon the land will be cloaked in autumn mists. I haven't sent out a newsletter for a while and when I do, they tend to just be announcing releases. So I thought this time I would give you a quick update of what I've been doing over the summer and what you can expect from me in the next few months. In other words, a proper newsletter!

Inspiration from The Dark Ages: Why Matthew Harffy Wrote The Serpent Sword

If you’d asked me to name some Anglo-Saxon kings before I started writing The Serpent Sword, I would probably have managed Alfred the Great, perhaps Ethelred the Unready and that last great Anglo-Saxon king, Harold, of the Battle of Hastings, 1066 and arrow-in-the-eye fame. I think most people would probably be in the same boat as I was. There are other periods that I knew a lot more about.

The Cross and The Curse - Sneak Peek

“We do not need your new god. He is weak. Was he not killed by men?” The raven-haired beauty turned to her audience with a savage smile. But the eyes of the men and women who glared back were dim and dark, like deep meres from which no warmth came.

“What god can be slain by mortals?” the woman sneered.

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