What Kind of Reader are You?

It is true that readers are readers – no matter where you go.

Any socially awkward moment is obliterated between two readers once they stumble over a shared love of books. If they have similar tastes that’s great, but if their reading piles are completely different, very often that’s all the better. There is the opportunity to win the other person over, there is no need to compete and you can spend a while trilling your way through your favourite books and by sharing the story with them you pull up your anchor and head towards far flung places leaving discomfort far behind.

The truth is, however that there are as many different kinds of booklovers as there are readers! I talk to lots of people about what they’re reading now, and invariably conversations move along to the best books ever, who, how, when and where we read. I think it’s safe to say that for the most part readers fall into a couple of categories, the question is of course; which one are you?

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