Rosie Clarke on her childhood memories...

Whenever I start to think of Christmas I remember what it was like to be a child after the war. Although very young, I know that presents were not often very much and must have been difficult to find. When my mother found some large composite dolls for my sister and I one year, it was very exciting.  They were dressed in knitted clothes and sat on our beds when we woke up.

Minna Howard on the dreaded synopsis!

      I simply hate writing a synopsis of a book I’ve yet to write.
        I know it’s an important part of pitching an idea for a novel but if I know how the story is going to pan out before I write it I become overwhelmed with boredom and the idea is dead before its began. 
         Writing a novel is a big commitment and I need the excitement of spontaneous events, new trials and tribulations to test my characters, see how they affect them and how they deal with them.

Top Aria Summer Reads!

Hello Aria addicts, 

I hope you’ve been enjoying the scorching summer weather that we’ve been blessed with in the UK! If you’re lucky enough to be sitting on a beach, or will be soon, I’ve collated some of Aria’s top summer reads that will bring laughter, tears and smiles to your sunbathing sessions. 

And if you don’t get to sit on a beach anytime soon or the weather inevitably turns back to British Grey, I hope that these books can bring a little bit of sunshine and fun back to your rainy days… 

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