A Life Without You - read a sneak peek

Chapter 1 


She would hate that it wasn’t a spectacular occasion. Quite an ordinary day really. Not good enough. Not good enough at all.

A Sunday morning in January. Dull outside. The clouds a blanket of foreboding, a grey persuasion that staying inside, under a duvet, was the best course of action.

We didn’t take much convincing.

Love at First Sight by Shari Low

I’m not sure that I believe in love at first sight. There has to be a connection. It has to grow. And that takes time. In my case, about, oh… twenty seconds.

Back in 1993, my husband walked along a corridor towards me, his swagger and sharp suit firing up my synapses like an electric storm and sending me straight to a pejorative conclusion: arrogant, cocky, definitely on the way-too-pleased-with-himself scale, absolutely to be avoided.  

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