The countdown to The Pupil...

One moment of carelessness; four shattered lives.

The countdown has begun to the publication of The Pupil, my second novel with Aria Fiction, and I am possibly more nervous and excited about this one than I was about my debut. 

Penny Feeny on her Italian Novels

I fell in love with Italy on my first visit, as a teenager. I was so smitten I went to live there in my twenties and spent three wonderful unforgettable years in Rome. Later on, when I was in the midst of child-rearing and starting to write short stories, I found that what I enjoyed most was escaping to an Italian setting. It seems I’m not the only one! When my debut novel, That Summer in Ischia, came out in 2011 my (previous) publisher was as startled – and chuffed – as I was at its impact.

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